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RICH DYNAMICS SOLUTIONS Sdn Bhd is a company based in Penang that provides installation of “ MESH-TEC “ stainless steel premium security doors and windows with security mesh to its clients. MESH-TEC is formerly known as MAJESTEC. MESH-TEC security mesh is made from “Marine Grade” stainless steel with Aluminum frame which means it will not rust ! Our service focus in providing the best premium security doors and windows to all of our clients based on the customized design. RDS deliver high quality and innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Should you wish to know more of ‘MESH-TEC’ and other products we offer, do give us a call (04-2935068 /012-4319166) or visit our Penang Island Showroom at 355-G , Jalan C. Y. Choy, Penang


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Genuine Meshtec stainless steel mesh is woven to a high-tensile strength, with each strand of wire individually tested to stringent international standards.

While our screens may look like ordinary insect screens, our stainless steel mesh passes tough Knife Shear Testing to prove its superior strength.

Meshtec’s mesh and componentary is powder coated with a patented special formula designed by Meshtec to ensure corrosion resistance and exceed standards for Salt Spray Testing.

Our patented mesh also filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays without restricting views or air flow.

Genuine Meshtec premium mesh is made of high-tensile stainless steel manufactured at our state-of-the-art purpose-built facility.


These are clean water filters. They were made by molding and combining fibrous activated carbon and antibacterial activated carbon – the former is excellent at removing free chlorine, soluble lead, trihalomethane and mold odor. These filters offer high removal performance of organic impurities in plating bath by using high capacity activated carbon without damaging filtering performance.

What Our Clients Say

Our Excellence Customer Service &  Premium Products Set Us Apart From Competitors

It was fantastic to deal with Fhiyionna , the ever friendly professional sales personnel from Rich Dynamic Solution. She was prompt in her reply, helpful and excellence after sales service. The quality of Mesh-tec products are so great with so many benefits. They gave our family members peace of mind and we all can enjoy the fresh air in the house without any interference of insects especially the mosquitoes. Apart from energy saving, we can enjoy the view, fresh air & cooling wind coming from our balcony. The products are also easy to maintain. We like fast response sales service by Fhiyionna & her support team towards our problems when we accidentally jammed the lock. Highly Reccomended !

Mrs Thong

Thanks Fhyionna and the Rich Dynamics team for very good follow-up on getting the project done in my house. The fact that you were very responsive to questions before sales and after sales gave me a lot of confidence. You were very helpful and quick answers were deeply appreciated. I can see that your team is very conscientious on quality and giving value for money. After comparing Majestec to the cheaper local competitors, I felt I made the right choice because the installers were very confident, knowledgeable and honestly wanted to do a good job and the final workmanship was superb. The other competitors were not confident in doing the very large door I asked for and only Majestec rose up to the challenge. It has been almost a year now and it still feels solid and secure. Also appreciate the fact that you came to see and ensure everything was done well throughout the project.

Keep up the good work!

Colin Chee

The Unfortunate Raya Break-in
I installed 2 sets of MESH-TEC sliding doors at the beginning of 2011. Before Hari Raya, there was a break in, the intruder tried to pries open the MESH-TEC door but it ended up in failure. Then went round the rear where they managed to break in by kicking the grille.

Some valuables were stolen. However, Mr.Samad was impressed with our products because the locking frame only suffered some superficial damaged and was easily replaced. After this incident, he ordered additional panel casement window to replace the rear grille, two fixed panel and a hinged door.

En. Samad

Tested, Proven and Certified

Mesh-Tec security mesh is made from “Marine Grade” Stainless Steel with Aluminum frame which means it will never rust! 

Mesh-Tec Products are SIRIM certified to AS5039, SETSCO in Singapore 
Laboratory certified under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for anti-Jemmy, Rust resistance, Dynamic Impact Test and Knife Shear Testing.

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