Delivering high quality customisable security doors & windows to your needs.

Rich Dynamic Solution Sdn Bhd taking in Majestec Premium Security Doors and Windows to address your security needs. Catering superior quality and innovative products, customising distinctive mesh doors and windows to accommodate your requirements.

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Security Mesh

Security Mesh
  • Woven with high-tensile stainless steel wire, each strand is individually tested to International Standards.
  • Passes and exceeds Knife Shear Testing, proven strength superior to ordinary insect screen mesh.
  • Passes and exceeds Salt Spray Testing, proven durability to resist coastal environments for residential and commercial applications.
  • MESHTEC™ components (mesh, aluminum tracks & frames) have been powder coated in a special formulation for corrosion resistance and exceed architectural exterior standards.
  • MESHTEC™ black-coated mesh filters up to an average of 60% of harmful UV rays while providing Clear Vision Security.

Aluminum Sash

aluminum sash
  • Manufactured with high quality (grade 6063-T5) aluminum for strength.
  • The MESHTEC™ fixing system is the subject of multiple International Patents and has been specially designed and developed to ensure product strength, integrity and security.
  • Passes and/or exceeds all applicable Australian Standards.
  • With multiple color options, MESHTEC™ can be incorporated into almost any opening in either new or existing premises.

The Benefits of

Majestec Premium Security Doors & Windows

Protection and
Peace of Mind

Designed with both security and real world use and applications in mind, our lock system and handle help prevent burglars whilst providing home owners with ease of use, entry and exit.


Our products give you a clear view of the outdoors without compromising your privacy from outsiders.

  • Allows the free flow of air and circulation for your comfort.
  • Energy efficiency in term of electric consumption.
  • Able to block at an average of 60% of harmful UV rays.
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Architectural Design and Appeal

Our products are easily incorporated into almost all types of doors & windows at a minimum of fuss and hassle and the sash comes in a multitude of color options to suit your personal needs and tastes.

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Tested, Proven and Certified

Meshtec is the global leader in the provision of high tensile stainless steel security screens used for residential and commercial applications. 

At Meshtec, we have the full production capability of weaving powder coating and fabricating our premium mesh at our state-of-art purpose-built facility in Chiang-Mai, Thailand.

Meshtec is quality endorsed to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 17025 standards to ensure we continually provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Meshtec produces and distributes the most extensive product range of security screen doors, window screens and fencing systems to more than 25 countries around the world.

bv certification iso14001 ukas
bv certification iso9001 ukas
  • Knife Shear Test AS 5041-2003
  • Dynamic Impact Test AS 5041-2003
  • Jemmy Test AS 5041-2003
  • Salt Spray Test ASTM B117

Testing in Accordance with Australian Standards (AS)

Laboratory certified under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for anti-Jemmy, Rust resistance, Dynamic Impact Test and Knife Shear Testing.


Powder coating : 10 years & 1 year hardware
warranty is for MAJESTEC Premium Series

PERF. Series
Powder coating : 7 years & 1 year hardware warranty is for MAJESTEC Perforated Series

Hardware warranty for a period of one year on all hardware (hinges, locks, door closer, rollers)


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